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The Story of How I Met Yoko

A few years ago I visited Japan for the first time. One day in Nara, I was admiring a temple when a woman in her 70's approached me and asked, "Would you like to know the story of this place?" I was skeptical. What was the catch?

To my surprise, the woman, Yoko, just wanted to share her love of her city with me, a complete stranger. She believed that in doing this, others would do the same when she travelled, making her feel at ease in a foreign place. Yoko’s guided tour of Nara was magical, offering me a special window into a place I would never have experienced otherwise.

Yoko's philosophy stayed with me even after I returned home, and it inspired me to create this site. And Then I Met Yoko is where I want to share my love for travel through my photography and trip planning, in hopes that it inspires you to travel and pass on your experiences to others. 



Each of my travel guides feature some of my favourite photographs, plus helpful tips and itineraries based on my experiences.

I invite you to use the maps to help make the most of your own visit. 


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Lake Titicaca & Amantani Homestay

Lake Titicaca is famously known for being the highest navigational body of water in the world. It’s also home to several Peruvian islands which offer hikes with incredible vistas.

I share my two days on Lake Titicaca and my overnight experience at a homestay on Amantani Island.



Trip - Italy - May

Post - THE SACRED VALLEY, Cusco and Machu Picchu - APRIL

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Here's the thing with trip planning, if you don't do some initial research and legwork there's a ton you can miss out on, or God forbid, eat a bad meal.

I often have photography top-of-mind so I chose my destinations based on what excites me as a photographer. 

Don't forget to check out the map in each travel guide - it's packed with goodies including things like photography spots, restaurants, activities, shopping and accommodation.


Blog Posts


Sometimes I want to share detailed experiences, extra tidbits or things I learn about photography.  


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