A Little Bit About Me

Hey! I'm Natasha Lèquepeys – go on, try to pronounce it ;)

Born and raised in Canada, I travelled a lot as a kid and – I'll be honest – it wasn't my thing. At the time, I found the museums and walking around pretty boring. What I realized as an adult is that those trips planted the seeds of curiosity and an openness to other cultures, pushing me to travel further and to more exotic locales each time.

When I started exploring cities based on my own interests is when I truly became addicted to travel. I love meeting new people, seeing how they live and of course trying their food. 

Photography is a relatively new obsession. A few years ago I visited India, a country rich in culture and the Mecca for photographers. Yet when I got home all my iPhone photos just didn't do the beauty of the place justice. That's when I decided to invest in photography.

Deciding to teach myself the ropes (with a lot of help from experienced photographer friends), I embarked on a love affair with my camera. Photography now dictates where I travel and helps inspire that journey. I hope that you enjoy my pictures and find my planning helpful for your own travels.


My personal portfoliO

While travel photography is my passion, I also enjoy taking pictures of friends and family, especially the littleist ones. Go ahead and check out my personal portfolio. 


A Few of my Features

FujiLove Monthly Magazine - February 2019 Issue

VoyageATL - Trailblazers Series

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