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A travel guide to London, England. Complete with a map containing highlights plus tips on food and more. #london #england #travelblog #phototravelblog

Maybe it's the close cultural ties that Canadians have to the Brits but every time I visit London I feel right at home.

With a mixture of tall modern buildings and traditional brown brick houses, eccentric London street style and markets filled with unique trinkets, London has so many great photography spots.

You also never get bored eating in London. Whether it's an aromatic Indian curry in London's famed East end or a posh high tea in the West end, it's always delicious and comforting.  





My Favorite Things to do in London

Most of my highlights in London consist of eating so be sure to check out the below “Fill Your Belly” section for details on some of my favourite meals.

When I’m not eating these are some of my favourite highlights from London.


explore one of the many markets in London

If there’s one thing that London knows how to do well, it’s put on a good market. Each market has it's own vibe but I really liked Portobello Road Market. There you’ll find an array of clothing, food and trinkets. It's packed on Saturdays but that makes it kind of fun, no?

When it comes to food you can't beat Borough Market and if you're around on a Sunday, Columbia Road Flower Market is filled with so many vibrant colours.


Go back in time at the Tower of London

The tourist in me loves The Tower of London. I find it fascinating that surrounded by a city of modern glass buildings you can go back in time to experience this old castle and prison. It's fun to explore and provides some great photo ops of the Shard and Tower Bridge. 

On the inside, grab a map and wander through the different rooms. You'll learn about the history of the tower and some of the famous prisoners. If this is your type of destination then check out this 4-day itinerary for sights for first timers.

Find out more about the Tower of London


Get a Free View of the City at the Sky Garden

I was thrilled when I discovered the Sky Garden. The views of the city are impressive and the best part is, it’s free. An added bonus is there’s a café, which is a welcomed relief from a busy day of walking.

You’re going to want to get tickets in advance to jump the line. If you show up during non-peak hours you can likely enter without a huge wait. I did anyways.


Fill That Belly

I would argue the mish-mash of cultures in London has paved the way for one of the greatest food scenes in the world. With that being said, I can’t visit London without my 6 staples, or as I like to call them “my British food groups”.

1. A Sunday roast

Preferably lamb, with mint sauce and Yorkshire pudding. So far my favourite has been at The Royal Oak. This pub is in the heart of the flower market, making for a perfect Sunday. And don't forget to complete your meal with a sticky toffee pudding. 

2. A proper fish and chips

Visit Kennedy's of Goswell Road for some fish and chips. I love when my chips are swimming in malt vinegar. Word of caution the oil can seep through the container and onto your clothes, I learned the hard way. 

3. British pie

My favourite being steak and ale. I loved The Ginger Pig which offers pies and sausage rolls. 

4. Prawn cocktail crisps

Just stock up at them in the airport and thank me later.

5. Indian curry

Head over to Brick Lane and follow your nose. Most restaurants have a BYOB policy. I really enjoyed my meal at Tayyabs, a Punjabi-Pakistani restaurant that does amazing lamb skewers. Note it gets packed in the evenings, so the earlier you go the better.

Dishoom is also delicious, though controversial among most Londoners who either love it or claim it's not authentic. Try it out and you be the judge. 

6. High tea

Every now and then I want to feel posh so spending a few hours sipping tea and eating finger foods is the perfect way to do this.

High tea is usually served with tiny sandwiches, colourful desserts and my favourite - scones with clotted cream and jam. I've enjoyed Brown's Hotel, which is cozy and traditional. 


Getting Around London

The tube is really simple to use, runs regularly and certain lines offer night service. If you're not walking this is a great way to get around. Uber also runs in London or hail one of the famous old school black taxi cabs. Note that the taxi cabs tend to stay in the city, and you should pay about a 10% tip but they are generally more knowledgable about the backroads of London.

Obviously no trip is complete in London without a ride on a double decker bus. The great thing about public transport in London now is you can easily get around with just a tap of your credit card. No need to fuss over tokens or tickets. The rates get added up and you get charged at the end of the day. If you’re looking for more London sightseeing tips, here’s a list provided by a local.

Lastly, check out this list of helpful London apps that can be useful for navigation, transport, activities, restaurants and theatre.

Take the Eurostar to Paris from London

While I absolutely love London, it’s also good to note that you’re only a few hours away from Paris by the Eurostar train. If you want to add a Paris visit to your itinerary, check out my travel guide to Paris. It’s filled with helpful tips, itineraries and lots of photos that will make you say “ahhh, oui”.

Where to Stay in london

Some central and fun areas to stay in are: Mayfair, Marylebone, Fitzrovia and Knightsbridge. Because of their location they come at a higher cost.

Spitalfields, Borough, Bankside and Victoria are also great and more affordable. 

Full disclosure, I always stay with friends so I can't give exact recos, but if I were to chose something I'd probably pick an AirBnB in one of the above areas. 

A Map of Sights in London

Expand the legend in my map for my favourite activities, restaurants, shops and photography locations.

Safety in London

I've wandered through London as a solo female traveller and I've never had issues. Pickpocketing can happen in densely touristy areas and ladies be weary late at night when people are coming home from the bar. Some guys are not as refined as Mr. Bond. 


Photography Notes

Note that the London Eye and Sky Garden (below picture) are viewed behind glass. I didn't use anything fancy but consider carrying some wet wipes with you to clean the windows and avoid smudging. 

For the Sky Garden, you're going to want to reserve a time slot to visit. Don't fret if you forget though, I ended up going without a slot on a Friday and I didn't have to wait any longer than those who had times. 

London is known to be frequently overcast. This can be great for lighting but the rain can be a burden. Having weatherproof gear and ample stock of wipes, can help combat the drizzle.


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A travel guide to London, England. Complete with a map containing highlights plus tips on food and more. #london #england #travelblog #phototravelblog #travelphotography #landscapephotography #visitlondon #travellondon #travelitinerary #travelguide #londonphotography #londonstreets #streetphotography #cityguide #explore #wanderlust #travel #fujifilm #foodie #londonfoodie
A travel guide to London, England. Complete with a map containing highlights plus tips on food and more. #london #england #travelblog #phototravelblog #travelphotography #landscapephotography #visitlondon #travellondon #travelitinerary #travelguide #londonphotography #londonstreets #streetphotography #cityguide #explore #wanderlust #travel #fujifilm #foodie #londonfoodie